• Napoleone di Buonaparte


    No matter what you think of this man you can easily say he was a man with character and charismatic. An immigrant from Corsica who learnt French language and culture and became the emperor of France, Talk about a class trip.

  • Woman with red lipstick


    I had just taken the last sip of ale that at this point was more than lukewarm, but still welcome because the bar I was sitting at held a temperature of at least 30 degrees and had forced my liquid level to critical. In the mirror behind bottles and glasses I saw a lone woman at a table on the corner by the bar’s left side preparing with some sort of make-up. In my slumbering condition my senses were edging and I saw a little mirror in her left hand, and in the right something I assumed to be lipstick. It’s not like I’m especially curious or interested in other’s doings but just at that moment my gaze was etched on her young, wild, exciting, unfocused face and there was no possibilities for me not to see what was about to happen.

  • Einstein Forever


    When I was very young I ready about how he developed his theory of relativity. What captured me most was how he described that he saw everything in images, to later transfer these to mathematics. I, myself, am not a mathematician, but have that same ability to se everything in images.

    Throughout my years I’ve been able to take amazing trips in the universe and find new insights and exciting theories about our experienced reality. My painting of Einstein was inspired by a photo taken some time in the 40’s or 40’s and I believe that what he wanted to say with his expression is not to take things so seriously all the time.

    We’ve taken a journey together, Einstein and I, and it’s by no means finished.

  • Univerism de Sigean painting

    Univerism de Sigean


    It was a sunny and very hot day when this piece was painted. For some reason I felt it should be called ”Univerism de Sigean”. Although I’ve never met anyone who didn’t call it “The Angel”.